Pilot Logbook


Working, finishing school, and deciding to go for your life long dream of flying an airplane by getting your pilot license is called insanity. Throw in a bit of caffeine and Los angles commutes and you probably get genius. Honestly, I have no clue what I was thinking.

I did know that I hated counting the number of hours I flew to put on my application for my license, especially when I started to add in number of take offs and landings, conditions of the flight (Day or night) or under instrument conditions.  Yes, these are just a few of the factors the FAA wants when you apply for a license or certificate. I still used my trusty old paper logbook as its sentimental, and I’ve had it when I was first starting out learning to fly as a teenager (circa last century).

logbook-newThis project was a foray to making a java Swing based application look good. Somehow, SUN microsystems thought the default UI looked good. I also wasn’t into entering everything into a spreadsheet.  That’s how this project came about as at that time there weren’t a lot of electronic log book applications and what there were were well expensive (sure, time is money, but learning is priceless).

This desktop application looked like a paper log book, which was pretty cool considering it was using java swing based components.


Oh and those numbers needed for the FAA airmen application. Yeah I got tired of writing the information out into the form so it does print out the FAA-  FAA-8710 form, with all the pilot information and hours. report-aircraft


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