Dungeons and Dragons Mobile


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Dungeons and Dragons was a fantasy role playing game that started in the mid 70’s. The advent of LCD screens in the 80’s gave game makers and electronic manufactures the ability to make portable games that ran off of watch batteries. In 1981 a version of the Dungeons and Dragons game came out that could be played on a small LCD screen. The game was based on the rules of “Hunt the Wumpus”.ic_launcher

The goals of the game were simple. The game had the player character going through a 10×10 grid dungeon, to finda magical arrow, and hunt the dragon.  All throughout the dungeon were pits and bats. The player character would have to avoid falling into the pits and if they did as long as they had a rope they could get out of the pit. Bats would also try to catch the player character and whisk them away to another part of the dungeon.

This is a recreated game to simulate the look and feel of the original game. The reason it is simulated is you could not really emulate the hardware and different chip designs of the LCD based games. Most games in those days were pretty simple to begin with, and had really fixed characters and positions on the screen that gave the effect of movement. Unlike today’s computer and mobile games, which have physics dynamics and bounding boxes, that lend to a more fluid and dynamic game experience. LCD games were not as dynamic.


This version of the game only has one level, unlike the original game which had three levels to choose from. At least in its current form. That may change. To start playing the game press the ATTACK button (middle gray button).  The player character always starts in the top left corner of the 10×10 dungeon.



Cursor. (Far left button) Press to select a direction in which to move the warrior or shoot the arrow each time button is pressed a cursor arrow appears, pointing outward from the dungeon room in one of four directions.

Move. (Far right button) Press to move the warrior into an adjacent room in the direction shown by the cursor arrow.

Attack. (Middle button) Press to shoot the magic arrow into the adjacent room in the direction shown by the cursor arrow.


The Dungeon


Think of the dungeon as a grid. 10 squares across and 10 squares down. Each square reps a room that can be occupied by the warrior or other object. some helpful. some dangerous. the rooms across the grid are numbered 0 through 9. The rooms down the grid are letter A through J.



Moving In the Dungeon

The warrior can move up down right or left NOT diagonally. Since this is a magic dungeon its outer boundaries do not stop movement. If warrior is moved beyond dungeon boundary he magically reappears on the corresponding room on the other side of the dungeon.


If you shoot up from Room A0, the arrow will end up in Room J0

Game Details


PITS Twelve pits are randomly placed in empty rooms at the start of the game. Pits are placed at least one room away from each other, except where dungeon boundaries occur.
dragon-alive-56x54DRAGON The dragon is randomly placed in an empty room at the start of the game. He does not move, unless you shoot the magic arrow and miss him. He then movies to another empty room. If the warrior enters the dragon’s room at any time. The dragon eats him and the game ends.

arrow-in-ring-33x34THE MAGIC ARROW The magic arrow is the only weapon that will slay the dragon. it is randomly HIDDEN in an empty room at the start of the game. When the warrior enters the room containing the magic arrow, he auto takes it. It remains with him, at all times, until he shoots it. If his shot misses the dragon, the arrow disappears into another empty room and must be found again. Only one magic arrow per game. Arrow can be shot across dungeon bounders.

hook-in-ring-34x34THE MAGIC ROPE The magic rope is the only object that will rescue the warrior from a pit., providing he possesses it before failing into the pit. The rope exists only in level 1 and 2 of the game. NO ROPE IN A LEVEL 3 GAME. If the rope is hidden the warrior automatically takes possession when he enters the room containing it. He keeps it until he uses it. Once the rope is used it disappears into another empty room and must be found again. One rope per game.



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