When Washington Irving wrote the story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” he never thought it would spin off other tales, video games, movies and TV shows.  Maybe because TV and movies didn’t exist in his days. He also didn’t think it would spin off some a mobile app game or two.

He did make the legend of a headless horseman riding the countryside famous. This is homage to the stories of a headless horseman and his search through the countryside of Tarrytown to find his head. As the headless horseman, it is your job to throw flaming pumpkins at the running villagers.

Start Game

Starting the game from the splash screen by taping the screen.

Start screen for horseman game

While the villagers are fleeing, their cavalry is firing cannonballs back at you. Press the left side of the screen to block the canons balls from hitting you, and press the right side of the screen to launch your flaming pumpkin heads.


Fire pumpkin head

View on Google Play


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