quoteA designer knows he has arrived at perfection not when there is no longer anything to add, but wen there is no longer anything to take away.–ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY

A craftsman is always working to hone their skills by trying new things. There is balance like playing an instrument, walking in the woods, or great conversations with family and friends. All of these activities allow experimentation of what works and what doesn’t. Building software solutions should be about making complexity simple and repetitive tasks obsolete.

This portfolio is some of the applications that have been developed as experiments and published. Having fun, shouldn’t be costly. After all, it was fun learning to build an application on a mobile platform and figuring out how to distribute it out for others to enjoy. Constructive feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.

JHome Home Automation

In early 2000, home automation was still being kicked around and the most common non-intrusive protocol at that time was X10. This was the first java based home automation client/server that managed lights, appliances, and lifestyle events through X10 line protocol.



Angry Hessian
Angry Hessian


This was a foray into a fantastic library called LibGDX, which allowed developers to write an application that runs on multiple desktops, IOS, Android platforms.




Halloween Live Wallpaper
Halloween Wallpaper


Android based wallpaper for Halloween season. This mobile android based application leveraged LibGDX library and understanding of particle systems to make a cool firefly and flame effect in the background. This also resulted in building wallpaper that didn’t drain the heck out of the mobile device battery.




Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy role playing game that started in the mid 70’s. This mobile app is a simulation implementation of the old “Hunt the Wumpus“. Mattel created this LCD game watch back in the 1980’s. This port was done to relive the experience of the game rules and LCD look and feel to the mobile phone. The nice thing is on most smart phones and tablets the screen is a lot bigger than the original game.




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